Economeals Box Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger + 1pc Ayam Crispy + Nasi + Coke
King Deals Box Chicken Burger Regular

Add Extras

Fusion Nutella®
Rp 16,818
King fusion Cookies and Cream
Rp 12,727
Double Choco Pie
Rp 12,727
Vanilla Sundae
Rp 9,545
Chocolate Sundae
Rp 12,727
Kopi Gula Aren
Rp 17,273
Milo Dinosaur
Rp 12,727
Milo Cookies & Cream
Rp 12,727
Tom and Jerry Toys
Rp 45,000
Fusion Milo®
Rp 12,727
Rp. 40,909
Rp. 40,909

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