Cheese Burger Favorit

Royal Chicken Burger

Chicken patty fillet juicy renyah tanpa MSG dengan daun selada fresh dan saus mayonnaise special, juga melty American cheese dibalut bun lembut.
Classic Cheese Chicken Burger TCRISP CHEESE VM REGULAR

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Add Jalapeno Cheese
Rp 6,818
2 pcs Chicken Strips
Rp 17,273
Large Fries
Rp 19,091
Coke Large
Rp 19,545
Air Mineral (600ML)
Rp 8,636
Iced Mango Peach
Rp 13,636
Jalapeno Cheesy Fries Medium
Rp 19,091
Float Vanila Latte
Rp 16,364
Float Fanta
Rp 11,818
Float Coke
Rp 11,818
Float Milo
Rp 11,818
Float Mango
Rp 16,364
Float Mocha
Rp 16,364
King Fusion Nastar Crumble
Rp 16,364
1 pc Ayam Spicy 🌶️
Rp 20,909
Rp. 31,364

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